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Investment Strategy

Pioneering investment approaches that redefine success, harnessing insights to deliver unparalleled growth and value.

Target Investments

Maya focuses on financing real estate assets in Europe, catering to investors seeking unique and creative investment opportunities.



Our deep understanding of European real estate trends empowers us to identify and engage in investment opportunities across Europe. This geographical spread allows us to tap into diverse markets, maximizing the potential for our investors


Investment Opportunities

Our primary focus is on special opportunities across the capital structure: Senior, Mezzanine, Preferred Equity.


Active Management Approach

Further than its close monitoring of the performance, Maya has built internal capabilities, to take on overall operation of a distressed asset if needed, to allow a better turn around outcome for investors. This hands-on approach allows us to respond dynamically to market changes and optimize investment performance.

Incontro di lavoro

Collaborative Strategy Development

Our investment strategy is continuously evolving. We engage in regular exchanges with our team to explore and develop other strategic opportunities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the investment landscape and aligned with the latest market trends and investor needs.

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