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For a decade, we have built core values we use continuously to serve our investors
Adapt, Preserve, Succeed.

Vision & Values 



Founded in Geneva


Directly invested since 2021 
across Europe


Arranged / Co-invested
across Europe


Founded in 2012 by Sofiane Megharbi and Rudy Allouch, Maya Private Capital Investments, formerly Maya Global Markets, has thrived on adaptability. Maya’s strength is in solving the most intricate financing challenges, meeting investor requirements with innovative solutions.

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Maya prioritizes the preservation of investors' and clients' interests and capital, upholding an unyielding commitment to care. Our enduring dedication to diligence, established since inception, fosters openness and transparency in client relationships. Continuous communication ensures trust with our investors.


Maya excels with an unwavering commitment to succeed, maintaining the highest standards from due diligence to execution. Our success as a team is rooted in a wealth of cross-sector and cross-transaction experience.

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Remaining at the forefront of market trends, Maya aspires to lead the private investment sector, setting new benchmarks for excellence and integrity. Our approach transcends financial returns, emphasizing enduring relationships and sustainable solutions with our team, partners and stakeholders.

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