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Stability and Growth: How Maya's Commitment to 'Preserve' Shapes its Investment Ethos

In the dynamic world of private capital, Maya's guiding principle, "Preserve," ensures stability and protection of interests. It's a cornerstone alongside "Adapt" and "Succeed," shaping our investment strategies and stakeholder relations. Discover how Maya's founders integrate "Preserve" into our mission, influencing our strategic decisions and long-term goals.

What inspired the creation of Maya?

Founded in 2012, Maya aimed to fill a crucial gap in the Real Estate Advisory market, focusing on capital preservation, executional excellence, and financial adaptability. This was in response to the observed disparities in information that left investors and companies exposed. "Preserve" became our guiding ethos, influencing every aspect of our operations.

How does the value of "Preserve" resonate with Maya’s mission?

At the heart of Maya's mission, "Preserve" directs our investment philosophy, ensuring stakeholder value protection and aiming for sustainable returns. This value informs our strategic planning, from investment selection to risk management, embodying our commitment to integrity, resilience, and long-term success.

How is this value applied on a daily basis?

"Preserve" is more than a principle; it's a daily practice that influences our operations. From diligent market analysis to fostering transparency and building strong relationships, it guides our actions. As Maya grows, we remain committed to the culture of trust and adaptability that marked our early days.

What challenges and benefits arise from nurturing the “Preserve” value at Maya?

Embracing "Preserve" brings challenges, such as navigating market volatility and regulatory changes, but it also fosters innovation and strengthens our approach to risk management. The benefits are clear: sustainable growth, client satisfaction, and a solid reputation for value creation in the private capital sector.

Stability and Growth: How Maya's Commitment to 'Preserve' Shapes its Investment Ethos
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